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Great Headshot = Strong Audience Connection

As device and Internet-dependent as the world has become, business still runs on human connection. That human connection, however, is increasingly initiated online. And since selling a product or service often begins with selling yourself, what does your online portrait actually say about you? How are you perceived by your audience, from your headshot portrait? The answer is absolutely directly related to the skill with which your business portrait was taken.

Personal branding/headshots should be updated every 3 years or so. Even more frequently if you lean heavily on infusing yourself and your staff into your marketing, or if your physical appearance has changed. Birch Blaze Studios makes it easy to check updating your professional portrait off your list, with efficient, on-location headshot sessions, and same-day image selections. We also offer in-studio sessions in our NH Lakes Region headshot/portrait studio.

Our Services

Birch Blaze Studios offers headshot photography for business/commercial, actors and artists. We also offer personal branding photography and environtmental portraiture. Below are examples and brief descriptions of these, with links to more information. We offer studio sessions in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, and mobile portrait/headshot sessions in the following areas: NH, including the NH seacoast area (Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth), and the Mount Washington Valley (Conway, North Conway, etc.). We also serve Southern Maine (Portland, South Portland, Scarborough, Westbrook, Biddeford, Kittery, etc.)

woman business headshot, Birch Blaze Studios
Business Headshots

Headshots, or business portraits, are typically more tightly cropped portraits. Literally, head shots. They are often used by realtors, attorneys, and many in the medical field, to name a few common applications. We generally shoot headshots with wider, in-camera cropping, which allows for more flexibility with the images later on. Click here to learn more about Birch Blaze Studios’ NH and Southern Maine headshot photography.

Personal branding portrait, author. Birch Blaze Studios.
Personal Branding

“Personal branding,” is really a marketing term that extends beyond photography, and in a nutshell, encompasses the leveraging of ones’ own personality to maximize the human element in appealing to a target market. It follows, that personal branding photography goes beyond the “headshot,” and pulls back the curtain to reveal more personality and intent. Often, it will involve a strategic series or collection of photos to get the right message across.  Click here to learn more about our personal branding sessions.

New Hampshire environmental portraiture by Birch Blaze Studios.
Environmental Portraiture

Environtmental Portraiture is similar to personal branding photography, in that its purpose serves to communicate more information about the subject than a standard headshot. Specifically, the person is photographed in their own work environment. Examples of this might be a chef in his or her kitchen, a brewmaster in their brewery, or an artist/craftsman in their studio. Click here to learn more about Birch Blaze Studios’ NH and southern Maine environmental portrait services.

Why Birch Blaze?

Same Day Image Selection

Choosing your images before the end of the session means super-fast turnaround time. Oh, and by the way, basic retouching is included! You’ll have your images within FOUR days!

Quick & Painless

Time is money, we get it. And picture day probably isn’t circled on your calendar…no worries, we’ve done this a time or two. We’ll get you on your way in a hot minute! On the other hand, if you have time to play with, we’re down with a more relaxed pace.

No Worries, Relax 🙂

We get great feedback from our clients on how easy it is…dare we say, enjoyable? Our approach is relaxed and our job is to pass that along to you (we’re good at our job).

Why a headshot? If you’re here reading this, we’re guessing you probably already have some reasons in mind, but here are a few that we see….
We live in a competitive world. Besides being a component of human nature, it’s just a fact that the best jobs, the best opportunities, and the most lucrative businesses inherently have lots of competition. When faced with competition for something you’re striving for, you need to find a “competitive edge.” A leg up, if you will. In this digital age the phrase, “image is everything,” however shallow, is truer than it ever was. How much is your image worth to you? Done right, a headshot can give you that competitive edge at that first point of contact. The crucial, “first impression.”
So, considering the impact it can have on your career, a great headshot is an unequivocal bargain. We have a timeslot waiting for you! Book it today 🙂

Personal branding is a bit more open to interpretation, but boiled down, is still very much about sending the right message through imagery. There is plenty of room for creativity, and the more relaxed and open you can be, the more creativity will flow and that translates to a revealing of personality. This type of transparency is personal branding at its best. Attracting clients and customers that are drawn to your personal brand, to you…that’s a win!

Sometimes a personal brand is more of an image that isn’t exactly reality. This kind of “image by design,” certainly has a place and can be just as effective as the transparent approach. Birch Blaze Studios can help you conceptualize whatever brand image you hope to communicate to your prospective audience. Let’s do this!

An environmental portrait is basically, a headshot with context. It’s a professional portrait of you, in your work environment (hence, the name). So, a chef in his/her kitchen, a doctor in an exam room, scientist in a lab…you get the idea. They’re great for the About Page on your website, a blog post about your business, and editorial print articles. Social media posts, as well.
Environmental portraits leave no question in the minds of your audience about what you do. They establish you as an expert in your field and thus, engender confidence in your perceived skill set.

Social media for business: A modern day, necessary evil for businesses, large and small. And it’s all about content. Social media is content-hungry, nay, content-ravenous! Birch Blaze Studios will help you come up with a content acquisition plan, which would include photography, but could also include brief video clips.

Contact us today to discuss your forward-thinking social media strategy! Let’s get planning…

Where will my session take place?

We’ll come to you! While we do have a studio in Wolfeboro, NH, we’re happy to travel to your location within our service area (Portland, Maine to Boston, Manchester, NH to the Mount Washington Valley). We can setup in a conference room, or anywhere you have 10 or 12 feet of space.

What's the process?

After you book your session via our online scheduler, we’ll contact you to finalize the details. Headshot and environmental portrait sessions take 20-30 minutes (or less, if time is in short supply). Personal branding sessions are typically longer, allow for 60-90 minutes. Image selections are made at the end of the session. We’ll deliver your selected images, fully retouched, via Google Drive or Dropbox.

Do I need pro hair and makeup?

To achieve the best results, we do recommend having professional hair and makeup services. It’s your decision, of course. You can expect to pay an additional $75-150, depending on the actual services rendered. Unless you already have someone you like to use, we’re happy to make the necessary arrangements.

What should I wear?

Perhaps taking a cue from the cool kids (i.e. industry leaders), but with a definitive nod to what makes you, you…it really comes down to how you want to be perceived. Do you want to fit in? Show folks what they’re expecting from what’s typical in your field? Or, do you want to stand out a bit, make a splash? On the whole, we would recommend avoiding bold, busy patterns, and clothes that steal the show…unless of course, that’s what you’re going for! In any case, we’re happy to make recommendations during our initial planning conversation.


Business Headshot: $225 – 30 minutes, 2 outfits, 2 fully edited, digital images. 7 day turnaround. Unlimited digital release. (additional images, $100/ea.)

Environmental Portrait: Same as business headshot.

Personal Branding: $475 – 90 minutes, unlimited outfits, 5 fully edited, digital images. 7 day turnaround. Unlimited digital release. (additional images, $100/ea.)

Social Media Content: $675 – Up to 3 hours, unlimited outfits, 10 fully edited images suitable for social media content. (full collection available for purchase)


Our Coverage Area

Birch Blaze Studios offers on-location headshot and personal branding photography for New Hampshire businesses located in the following regions: NH Seacoast (Rochester, Dover, Portsmouth, Seabrook, Rye, Newcastle, Hampton), NH Lakes Region (Wolfeboro, Meredith, Laconia, Tilton, Belmont, Gilford, Alton), And the Mount Washington Valley (Conway, North Conway, Jackson, Bartlett, Ossipee).

But Wait…We Also Serve Southern Maine!
We will come to your southern Maine business location and provide headshot and personal branding photography sessions for your staff/company admins, or just you. Serving the following Southern Maine locations: Portland, South Portland, Gorham, Westbrook, Scarborough, Saco, Sanford, Biddeford, York, Kittery.