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Welcome to the Birch Blaze Inaugural Blog!

Ok, so here we go, dipping our toe into the blog pool that the Internet has become. It would seem that we’re a little late to the party, but that’s alright with me, it’s still pretty exciting stuff. Come late, stay late…that works. I think blogging just peels away a layer or two from the traditional, window shopping feel of your standard, run-of-the-mill ‘contact us’-paged business Website. It allows for a truly interactive experience for the bloggers (us) and the bloggees. We look forward to hearing from folks that happen by our cyber front porch and see where this new (to us) world of blogging takes us.

Kerry & Tay
Who Are We, Anyway?
We are Birch Blaze Studios, aka Kerry & Taylor Struble. Birch Blaze, a name brilliantly conceived by my partner in crime Taylor (I’m Kerry, just in case you weren’t clear on that), is a small design-slash-photography studio happily nestled somewhere between the White Mountains and Lakes Region (have you heard of Lake Winnipesaukee?) of New Hampshire. We’re a bit off the beaten path, but thanks to the World Wide Web soundly beating its own path to our door, our design work has found its way all over the world, on a pretty regular basis (more on that later). 

When Taylor and I met in ’04, one of the many things we found we had in common was a love for photography. Although you can risk losing your passion for something when you decide to try and collect a paycheck for it, you’ll also find that high up on the ingredient list for many a successful business man or woman, is a love for what they do, create and ultimately, sell. So Taylor and I decided that design (something I’m good at) and photography (something she’s good at) would be the perfect duo to fund our adventures together, allowing us to collaborate spend more time together—something I’m extremely pleased that we both like to do!
A ride through Kancamagus Pass - one of our favorite day trips.
Ok, but Why a Blog?
Fair question. I touched on it in the opening paragraph, but it’s pretty obvious that blogs are SO much more conducive to interchange than a typical, ‘brochure’ Website. Like an ongoing conversation, that you keep adding to whenever you have something to say. Of course, like everyone else, we love those bloggers that post nearly everyday…we probably won’t quite be able to keep up that pace, but at this point the plan is to keep it moving.

The primary purpose of this new blog of ours is to promote and grow the photography side of Birch Blaze. Although we can hopefully share a photography tip or two from time to time (we know we have lots to learn and that is truly exciting), this blog will serve as a journal to share our photographs and our path, and a cork board for friends and passers-by to grab a tack and stick up a note just to say hi, introduce themselves or offer an observation and maybe even a gem of time-tested wisdom.

So, we hope this little introduction piques your interest, answers a question or two and maybe even puts the thought in your head that you might just check back in from time to time. We plan to populate this little ‘net canyon so that when you do come back around, you’ll be glad you did.



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  • March 31, 2009 - 2:35 pm

    Aura Ever - I am Andy’s friend…met you in Portland that evening you did the cable channel gig….anyway this looks great!!!! Good job. Can’t wait to see how you progress!


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