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Pokey LaFarge in Cambridge {boston concert photographer}

Pokey LaFarge, the man, the legend. Ok, maybe a little over the top but what can I say? We love us some Pokey LaFarge! We saw Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three a few years back at the Newport Folk Festival and have been hooked ever since. The closest thing you’ll ever get to jumping in a time machine, dialing in 1940’s St. Louis and two-stepping into a downtown dance hall. Country jump blues and mid-western swing…a mash-up of mid-century American good time music really, Pokey and his smokin’ band are the real deal and they put on a show that’s not to be missed. Recent additions to the original South City Three include a crazy-good horn section and for this tour, a drummer. These guys (and gal) are jumpin! We caught Pokey & Co. last night at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts (Cambridge is right across the Charles River from Boston for you out-of-towners), a great, intimate venue. Caroline Rose opened and her and her new Band were also really, really good. I only wish there was a little more room for doing some Lindy Hop swing dancing in front of the stage…I know, I know, it’s a concert not a dance hall but Man! How cool would it be to see Pokey & the Band in a dance hall? Can we make that happen someone?
As this wasn’t a photo assignment for us we left the big guns at home and only brought our grab-n-go camera, a Fujifilm X-T1…with only the 18-55mm kit zoom. Rubbing elbows with fellas sporting giant Canon pro tele lenses, I have to say I’m more than pleased with the results. I also didn’t move around, but had a great vantage point. So there’s not a ton of variety with the angles but I tried to be as creative as I could and catch some great moments. Pokey is such a dynamic performer, there were plenty of great moments and expressions. I know Tay and I could do some great things if we could ever finagle an actual shoot with Pokey LaFarge (are ya listenin’ Pokey?), his style and vibe is right up our alley. We’ll see…


Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_001 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_002 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_003 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_004 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_005 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_006 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_007 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_008 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_009 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_010 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_011 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_012 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_013 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_012a Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_014 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_015 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_016 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_017 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_018 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_019 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_020 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_021 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_022 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_023 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_024 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_025 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_026 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_027 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_028 Pokey-LaFarge-Cambridge-concert-photography_030

Just one more thing, Pokey LaFarge’s brand new album, “Something in the Water,” is now available from Rounder Records on vinyl as well as digital media. It’s a great listen! Support real music, go grab it!


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