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Alaska or Bust! {…but first, nyc for the other extreme}

So, a couple weeks back we shot our first wedding of the 2014 season in Long Island, NY. This trip was the first leg of 3 trips in 3 months to 3 very diverse locations. To kick things off, we thought we’d share some imagery we captured in and around New York City including the borough of Brooklyn. These images might be of interest to some because they are all (GEARHEAD ALERT! Not a gearhead? Skip down to the next paragraph), 1. Taken with a Fujifilm X-E2 paired with Fuji’s X mount 18mm f/2.8 lens (Fujifilm’s X Series cameras crop factor of 1.5 makes this essentially a 27mm focal length), and 2. processed with Visual Supply Co’s brand new #05 Archetype Films Collection for Fuji. We use VSCO Film presets for most of our post processing and love this newest Archetype set. Anyway…

Next month, we’re off to Alaska to shoot Rob & Amanda’s Alaskan wedding in Girdwood, AK! (view their New England engagement session) And yes we are positively GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT about this one folks, not gonna lie!! Alaska has been on both our “bucket lists” for a long time and to shoot a wedding in Alaska, well that’s just off the charts! In July, we head back out to the West Coast and one of our favorite hangouts, San Francisco to shoot Tory & Wes’s engagment session. Hoping to score a couple days in Yosemite, but we shall see.

A super exciting and busy summer in store for Birch Blaze, to be sure! We do want to make the most of our travels, so besides drinking in the breathtaking beauty of our surrounds we are hoping to photograph some amazing folks along the way. If you or someone you know will be in the area of Anchorage, Girdwood, Homer or Paxson, Alaska, or the Bay area, California, please let us know and we can create some amazing images to document a slice of your life!

Below are some “street shots” of our recent visit to NYC and included are photographs from Central Park, the East Village, Greenpoint, Brooklyn and Little Italy. Our little Fujifilm X-E2 rental helped us capture the bright lights, big city vibe. It’s a great little street photography camera with beautiful color rendering. I think we may jump up to the X-E2’s big(ger) brother, the X-T1 as our stealthy walk-around camera for it’s added features. See you on the road (we hope!)…


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