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A Walk Down the Aisle (a Father’s Perspective)

As a photographer, I have documented many walks down the aisle and otherwise have walked back up “the aisle” twice in my lifetime. When I found out last year that my own Daughter was going to be getting married, my first thought was, “Wow, my Daughter’s getting married… I’m WAY too young for that to be happening!” Turns out I guess I’m not. Besides not having seen Lindsey a ton the past 2 or 3 years due to her increasingly hectic life, the wedding was a long way off. So while I knew it was coming, it wasn’t hugely impactful. Yet. What I did finally realize, about 2 weeks out, was that the day had been coming for me, all along. Like an unstoppable zombie army, marching unceasingly toward its inevitable mission, it was coming. So, being the emotional guy that I am (I got teary-eyed during Toy Story III, I’m not kidding) I started to worry about my duties. Not worried if I could competently perform them or not, but rather, could I competently perform them without melting into a gelatinous puddle of blubber on the floor. Ah yes, the Father-Daughter dance, the FOB (Father-Of-the-Bride) speech, and yes, the most important Fatherly duty of all, walking my little girl down the aisle. Now it was finally hitting me… “WOW, MY DAUGHTER’S GETTING MARRIED!!!!!”

So the next thing I know, I find myself at the rehearsal. It’s at the gorgeous Moody Mountain Farm on the Wolfeboro/Ossipee, NH town line. We’re standing inside what I’m guessing was once a livestock corral—you can supply your own jokes about being led to the slaughter—the fencing being a 3 foot thick stone wall probably dating back to the 1800’s. It’s now lined with yellow lilies along with other various wild flowers in full bloom and is where the ceremony will take place. I’m watching my little girl… <ahem> Lindsey, listening to Jalum (her Fiancé) and their officiant, Jason, discuss some final details and it happens. You know that commercial, the one where the father is talking to his daughter, sitting in the car, about all the safety precautions she needs to take whilst taking his car out for a drive? Yep, that one. They show the Father’s view of his Daughter and she looks to be about 6 years old…even though she’s really 16 or 17. I studied my Daughter there, saw her furrowed brow squinting out the sunlight, the quizzical look on her face, wondering what would be said next… I was sucked back in time and saw, not a 20+ year old woman standing there, no, it was my 6 year old little Lindsey. And you know what? Her facial expressions were exactly the same!

Two days later, still worried about not losing it during my duties, I walked into the farmhouse where my girl was waiting for me to take her on the walk of her life. Nothing could’ve prepared me for what I was about to encounter. I knew she would be beautiful, but my oh my, she was STUNNING! As soon as I entered the room there was the most amazing atmospheric transformation. The air was replaced with pure emotion. Lindsey, sitting in a pudgy living room chair, started frantically waving her hands and chanting, “Oh, no…no,no!” in an effort to will away the anticipated tears threatening her make up. I looked at her…I tried, I really tried. But that was it. Lost it. There she was, my little girl, looking SO amazingly beautiful. I had no choice but to lose it. A milestone. A moment in time I will never forget. It’s quite sobering. It’s like standing in the surf, watching a wave come towards you….your grandparents, your parents, you. The wave buoys you up, only for a moment, then continues on without you….your children, your grandchildren. It’s part of life though, so what else to do but embrace it? Relish it. The payoff of course, besides the memories, is an ever-expanding family and love. Lots of love. Welcome to my Family Jalum :)

The rest of the day was cake (pun intended). The trepidation of scattered showers dissipated into glorious sun and blue sky. As Jason gave his finest wedding talk, I just took it all in. To all you parents and parents-to-be out there yet to experience the wedding day of a child, I’ll repeat the advice I received from the MOB from one of the weddings we photographed last season. She said, “Just take it all in…it will be glorious!” She was right. The warm summer breezes stroking the fields of wild flowers, the mountains, the diving swallows, a soaring red-tailed hawk. Perfection. Lindsey was truly giddy with happiness and love as she repeated her vows. We ate, we laughed, we danced. It was a good day.

Of course, this was just my perspective that I’m offering you here on our blog. There are many others. We are so grateful to our dear friends, Kevin & Heidi (Kevin is Lindsey’s cousin) of Sweet Pea Photography for coming up from Pennsylvania to photograph and be a part of Lindsey & Jalum’s wedding, allowing me to just be “Dad” (you’ll ‘meet’ them in the second-to-last photo). They’re the ones to blame for Taylor and I becoming wedding photographers ;) and we can’t wait to see their perspective! (we’ll keep ya posted on that) The love of my life, Taylor, looked SO gorgeous this day and I terribly regret not taking a photo of her (K&H are you listening? :) but I thank her for taking most of the lovely images you’ll see below. We begin however, with a series of images I snapped with just my girl and I—no one else in the room (did I mention she was giddy?)—just before our walk down the aisle…


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And lastly (above), the hard core crew (AZ representin’!) that stayed till the end. What great time we all had! Thanks to everyone that had a hand in making this an amazing event. And the wave rides on…

View Lindsey & Jalum’s Boston engagement session (with Tay and I at the helm) here. Oh, and thanks to the amazing vintage clothing store, Bobby From Boston for supplying my killer vintage seersucker suit!


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  • July 18, 2011 - 9:43 am

    Melissa Arlena - So beautiful!!! Loved hearing about your day from the other side of the camera lens :) I teared up just reading it! You are right your daughter was STUNNING!!! Congrats to the happy couple and great job Dad!!!ReplyCancel

  • July 18, 2011 - 9:18 am

    dr frank - Congrats! Every time I read a dad’s version from a wedding, I remember back to my daughter’s wedding day and tear up too. :-DReplyCancel

  • July 10, 2011 - 12:37 am

    Abbi mosher - Aww I just got the pictures from Maddie today! I’m really upset I couldn’t make it to the wedding it looked amazing and so perfect in every way. I saw poor Richard sitting on the side with his cruches against the wall. I also noticed you guys actually used my ball thingys Im glad cuz They really looked great:)
    Kerry- amazing job with pictures I’d like to book you for my wedding;)
    Love to everyone Lindsey n jalum xoxoxoxoReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 10:00 pm

    *amanda* - We are sooooo excited for Jalum and Lindsey to start thier lives together! The photos are absloutely spectacular, can’t wait to see more. What a gorgeous place for a wedding. Thanks for making me cry, such a sweet daddy you must be ;) Your photography is inspiring, I want to be you when I grow up!
    Amelia (our 4 year old) saw the photos and she said “Hey I know her, she danced with me!”
    Congrats again! Keep in touch guys!
    *the az como’s*ReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 7:26 pm

    Heidi & Kevin - Loved this, guys. :) It was an honor to be a part of this special day… And you two have been a support for us since we began our biz, too! Thank you. We miss you! :)ReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 11:03 am

    birch - So Nice to hear from our new new AZ fam! Glad you guys enjoyed the post :) It was a wonderful thing to experience with you all and so glad that you could all come out! Love, K&TayReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 10:58 am

    Charlie Benghauser (Jalum's dad) - Kerry:

    We’re back in Arizona and work this week. I was proud to have been a part of the ceremony in a small way. Also, with pride, I acquired new family in New Hampshire.

    I just stopped in from work to check my business e-mail and I decided to take a moment to read your blog. I’m also an emotional kinda’ person. Where’s my handkerchief when I need it??

    It was great playing music together, too. Still sure you don’t want to sell that banjo? ha,ha (We had our Bluegrass Festival this past weekend. I played for about 5 hours.)

    Please, say hi to everyone at the Hall. Love all you guys.

    Charlie BenghauserReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 9:21 am

    Rich & Jayna - Awesome shots. Love the one of Kevin & Heidi (great friends of ours, and our inspiration to get into photography). Don’t get to see pics of them much b/c they’re always behind the camera!ReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 7:54 am

    Donna - Can I comment thru the tears? Very nice. And our own Kevin is is going down in infamy because you got a picture of every one doing the Pigeon Kev!!!ReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 1:10 am

    Gina Heisley - Such an amazing wedding!! Such a blessing to be involved in the union of these very special two people, and to read this from Lindsey’s dad is really special too. Thanks for sharing. I love the pigeon kev dance photo!! Even Grandma Betty is dancing!ReplyCancel

  • June 28, 2011 - 12:41 am

    amy O - Way to make me sob again;) I love you all so much and as jalum is my most beloved brother I view it not only as a privledge to have shared in the day but a blessing to count you among my extended adoptive family now!!

  • June 27, 2011 - 5:35 pm

    Kelli Young - Your eloquent words and beautiful pictures truly brought back the joy and emotion of the day. We had such a wonderful time, the rest of the summer will be somewhat anti-climactic!ReplyCancel

  • June 27, 2011 - 5:05 pm

    Chelsea - Kerry, you are so eloquent and truly a good story-teller (I teared up once again). Tay, the pictures are awesome! I love that you even got one of the penguin dance! :)ReplyCancel

  • June 27, 2011 - 1:52 pm

    Shanon - Tay did a fantastic job on these pics, as usual! And your post made me cry, you definitely have quite a way with words! (You and Tay are certainly a perfect match! :) Congrats to you all again!! Can’t wait to see more! :) Miss you guys!!ReplyCancel

  • June 27, 2011 - 1:13 pm

    Spring - Perfection- the wedding and your post- brought tears to my eyes!!! XOXOReplyCancel

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